DANCING MEMORIES: An Exhibition on the Underexplored Legacies of the Biafra War (1967-1970)

Following our successful Narrative Art Contest Narrative Art Contest, we invite you to an exhibition on the under-explored legacies of the Nigeria-Biafra war...


The Centre For Memories, in collaboration with the Legacies of Biafra Heritage Project, is pleased to announce that registration has re-opened for the Ọzọemena Narrative Art Contest.

European Conference on African Studies (#ECAS9)

At the just-concluded European Conference on African Studies (#ECAS9) in Cologne, I discussed family memory and heritagisation in post-conflict communities, from my ongoing PhD research on heritage and the legacies of the Biafra war...


As part of the 2023 Cambridge Festival, the researcher's project was featured in the 'Cambridge Imagines' short film, a fascinating series of short films with researchers at the University of Cambridge who are imagining a better future for us all.

The full video begins with an introduction by the Acting Vice- Chancellor Dr. Anthony Freeling, but you can watch the researcher's bit here:

Heritage and violent conflict: Impacts and legacies of the 'Biafra war'

The researcher kicked off the Garrod Lecture series on 'Violence' for the 2022 Michaelmas term, spending over 2hours discussing exciting areas of the PhD research. The Garrod Lecture is the flagship lecture series of the Department of Archaeology in the University of Cambridge, named after its first female Professor, Dorothy Garrod.

Wacth here:

Football, civil war & elephants

The researcher spoke alongside colleagues at the 2022 Cambridge Alumni Festival.

Watch here:

Understanding wartime narratives in the digital age (International Seminar 2023), Vrije University, Amsterdam.

At this event, the researcher discussed wartime heritage (mis)interpretations among Nigeria's young generation with insights from the Legacies of Biafra Heritage Project.

Watch here: